Friday, September 18, 2009

Orthrelm - Asristir Vieldriox

had an interesting conversation last night on aim(i forgot to click save chats wtf?!) in which this album was recommended and i ruined someones life by informing him that the "pisson guy" from the stickers was actually calvin from calvin and hobbes. Hilarity ensued when we started discussing calvin(the pisson guy) on the kneeling and praying to jesus's cross stickers to which he admitted that he believed it was the pisson guy kneeling and praying at which point i felt horrible for robbing his mind of that simple comedy. Anyway, expect a new line of stickers in the near future of the pisson guy pissing on the pisson guy thats kneeling to the cross.

Orthrelm=minimalist drum and guitar with intricate runs, tapping, and cadences.

Download here.

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