Sunday, May 30, 2010

Slumber - Fallout

Post two to make up for recent lack of posting. Just when I lost interest in newer swedish death metal, Slumber came about and showed me that the newer scene there is finally becoming more than just In Flames, At the Gates, and Opeth ripoffs. Very melodic, piano is a staple part of this band as well as female operatic vocals.

Give 'em a listen by downloading Here.

Dub Trio - Another Sound is Dying

A band I recently discovered hailing from Mike Patton's Ipecac records. Although a mix between metal and dub sounds like it would be really hard to pull off, it isn't, at least not for Brooklyn based Dub Trio. This album spans many different genres and musical ideas and every song is just as refreshing and interesting to listen to as the last. Introduce your ears to this shit by Downloading Here.