Monday, November 30, 2009

Cynic - Focus

Musical ideas spawned from the inner depths of a dimethyltryptamine experience, cynic puts a unique twist on conventional death metal with additions of jazz interludes, ambient keys, and vocoded vocals. This is a reissue which contains 3 remixes and is definitely an album that you will find yourself returning to time after time.

Download here.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Behold... the Arctopus - Skullgrid

Similar to Orthrelm, in fact they have done a split together. The logic behind the composition, if not seasoned in math metal, may utterly baffle you, but is still 100x more logical than orthrelm...wait thats not the word...the word im looking for is...conventional. BTA makes beautiful use of the "Warr Guitar" a 12 string guitar used primarily for tapping that covers both bass and guitar octaves. If you are sick of all the trend cookie cutter metal, sick of growling and screaming and just want to listen to some amazing and eclectic musicianship this is an album for you.

Download Here

Monday, October 19, 2009


A departure from the main mission of this blog but tangible art is just as much a part of music as the actual music itself. I had the pleasure of sitting next to this amazing artist in High School geometry, and watching him work day by day and seeing pieces of his art evolve from mere sketches to intricate pieces of immaculate conceptual art. Later on we would be bandmates in the shortlived behemoth Kook in which he demonstrated his amazing screaming abilities. Anyway, this artist holds a special place in my heart as well as his art. Check out my man Jefferson's work here

Minenwerfer - Alle Beruhigen Sich auf der West Vorderseite

Minenwerfer(meaning minethrower) started as a one man black metal project from Sacramento with heavy conceptual ideas behind his music. Written by Beastial Warhammer, whom plays every instrument on the album and is quite impressive with the diversity of his writing. The only thing that has changed from then is that they now have a live line-up. From the opening of the album you are delightfully lead into the madness by some sort of German anthem. From there on its all straightforward black metal that really lets you visualize the musical, visual, historical, and intellectual concepts and influences that went into the creation of these songs. If you live in the sacramento area, they are playing on October 23rd with Cannabis Corpse at the Java Lounge at 8pm for 7$, address is 2416 16th street, Sacramento.

Download here

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Converge - Axe To Fall

Converge's Seventh studio album. Produced by guitarist Mike Ballou, so you can expect a similar sound to previous converge albums. Also has guest musicians from bands such as Neurosis, Cave In, and Genghis Tron. This link is missing the 8th track but every other one works perfectly. It is just as much a new listening experience as any other converge album and you can tell they really pushed their musicianship to new and reaching levels.

Enjoy here

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Immortal - All Shall Fall

Finally, after seven years of anticipating something new from Immortal, they finally return with All Shall Fall. The guitar sound is quite similar to Sons of the Northern Darkness, but the versatility in Abbath's playing style is much more prominent on this album, seems as if he finally decided to add new effects to his rig. If you have loved Immortal all along i do believe this album will definitely not disappoint your ears, and there are actually a few solos this time around! My suggestion, fill a bottle with kerosene, go find a cold desolate forest, consume tons of vodka, and listen to this whilst breathing flames(with kerosene mentioned above) in honor of the Blizzard Beasts.

Download here.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Anal Cunt - I like it when you DIE

You're Old, fuck you, you're gay and so is recycling. 311 sucks, jack kevorkian is cool and kyle from incantation has a mustache. Not in the mood to actually write something about this album, ive just been listening to it a lot lately and thought id share.

Download here.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Orthrelm - Asristir Vieldriox

had an interesting conversation last night on aim(i forgot to click save chats wtf?!) in which this album was recommended and i ruined someones life by informing him that the "pisson guy" from the stickers was actually calvin from calvin and hobbes. Hilarity ensued when we started discussing calvin(the pisson guy) on the kneeling and praying to jesus's cross stickers to which he admitted that he believed it was the pisson guy kneeling and praying at which point i felt horrible for robbing his mind of that simple comedy. Anyway, expect a new line of stickers in the near future of the pisson guy pissing on the pisson guy thats kneeling to the cross.

Orthrelm=minimalist drum and guitar with intricate runs, tapping, and cadences.

Download here.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weakling - Dead As Dreams

Wait...this album was written by the guy who made the music for the Sims 2? No fucking way...

Weakling never toured and only wrote this one album until Josh Smith started focusing more on his touring band The Fucking Champs.

Very Progressive, Epic black metal that is someone hard to find for download so here you are.

Download here

Xasthur - Telepathic with the Deceased

Hands down my favorite album by Xasthur. Dark, depressive themes accompanied by suicidal lyrics and some of the most inhuman black metal vocals i have heard to date. I find myself returning to tracks such as May your Void become as deep as my Hate, and A Walk Beyond Utter Darkness almost weekly since i first listened to this album 3 years ago. If you are into one man, minimalist, USBM then I will with full confidence say that these tracks are a staple in your library. Every song has something different to offer atmosphere wise and vocal wise.

Download here

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Ensiferum Leaked

Although without Jari the Musicianship is significantly less interesting and grabbing, I find the orchestration much much better than before. Rather than just simply complementing the song, it has become its own entity capable of being listened to alone. And unlike Jari, Ensiferum still provides us pagan/folk/whatever the fuck you want to call it fans with something new and refreshing in the genre to listen to frequently. The barroom piano, BANJO SOLO!!!!, western whistling, war horns, deep narrative, and of course the chants have all departed from the traditional Ensiferum style and are utilized amazingly well. The length and diversity in mood, structure and tempo of the songs makes this album very very well rounded. Do yourself a favor. Download


In an attempt to fill mine and my readers mind with new, obscure, and most importantly bitchin music I have created this blog and will post my first album tomorrow as it is late at the moment, check back daily as i have no schedule to when or why i will post.