Monday, October 19, 2009


A departure from the main mission of this blog but tangible art is just as much a part of music as the actual music itself. I had the pleasure of sitting next to this amazing artist in High School geometry, and watching him work day by day and seeing pieces of his art evolve from mere sketches to intricate pieces of immaculate conceptual art. Later on we would be bandmates in the shortlived behemoth Kook in which he demonstrated his amazing screaming abilities. Anyway, this artist holds a special place in my heart as well as his art. Check out my man Jefferson's work here

Minenwerfer - Alle Beruhigen Sich auf der West Vorderseite

Minenwerfer(meaning minethrower) started as a one man black metal project from Sacramento with heavy conceptual ideas behind his music. Written by Beastial Warhammer, whom plays every instrument on the album and is quite impressive with the diversity of his writing. The only thing that has changed from then is that they now have a live line-up. From the opening of the album you are delightfully lead into the madness by some sort of German anthem. From there on its all straightforward black metal that really lets you visualize the musical, visual, historical, and intellectual concepts and influences that went into the creation of these songs. If you live in the sacramento area, they are playing on October 23rd with Cannabis Corpse at the Java Lounge at 8pm for 7$, address is 2416 16th street, Sacramento.

Download here

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Converge - Axe To Fall

Converge's Seventh studio album. Produced by guitarist Mike Ballou, so you can expect a similar sound to previous converge albums. Also has guest musicians from bands such as Neurosis, Cave In, and Genghis Tron. This link is missing the 8th track but every other one works perfectly. It is just as much a new listening experience as any other converge album and you can tell they really pushed their musicianship to new and reaching levels.

Enjoy here